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Ba Dilly Citrus

This is a refreshing and delightful Blend of Basil, 

Dill, and citrus flavors! BA DILLY CIRTUS is the 

perfect seasoning for Seafood, Chicken, 

Burgers, Vegetables and Salads. Try in Sour 

Cream or Greek Yogurt for a dip. Infuse in Olive oil.

Signature Blend

Our first creation! A nice little kick of heat. Full of 

flavor. Don’t limit this to just Steaks and Burgers! 

This one is great as well on chicken, ribs, 

popcorn, and vegetables. Almost anything that 

you may want to give a slight kick to.

Signature Blend SALT FREE

Our first creation! Salt Free. A nice little kick of 

heat. Full of flavor. Don’t limit this to just Steaks 

and Burgers! This one is great as well on 

chicken, ribs, popcorn, and vegetables. Almost 

anything that you may want to give a slight kick to.

Smokey Rub

If you like a little bit of Smokey Flavoring, than 

this one is for you! The perfect seasoning for 

Chicken, Ribs, Steaks and Vegetables. Full of 

all those GREAT GRILLIN’ FLAVORS! Try using in 

sour cream or ranch dressing for a nice dip!

South Of The Border

The perfect Blend full of all those flavors from 

South of the Border! GREAT for Tacos, Ribs,

Beef, Chicken and Pork. Try in soups, dips and 

for that extra flavor to your Queso. A NICE FULL 


Louisiana Cajun Style Seasoning

WOW! This is one of those Blends with all the 

HEAT you need to spice up everything! Very 

versatile. This will make your taste buds dance 

and then relax just long enough for the next bite!

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